Semilla Verde




“An exceptional hotel with the customs and personality of a traditional guesthouse” (Guest comment card, July 2016)


Here at Semilla Verde, we believe your experience in the Galapagos Islands should be as unique and natural as you are. So, we offer you the chance to stay somewhere far removed from your busy life and the standard hotel offering you may be used to.


We invite you to step into another world, the original Galapagos, the true and enchanting islands. And, to experience the wonders of a rural, forest lodge and life amongst the unique wildlife you came so far to see. Giant tortoises lumber through our coffee plantations and bird life thrives in the forest canopy.


The location is secluded but very convenient for day tours and town visits, and very safe. There is not another residence within two hundred of meters.


Semilla Verde remains true to the philosophy on which it originally built for good friends and family, ensuring a level of intimacy, personal service and home cooking your will only find in a traditional guesthouse. We have resisted the temptation to expand and thereby maintain a quality of life and optimum working conditions for our long term staff who share these ideals.


Our hotel & tour package options compliment your stay and will carry you on an amazing adventure to the most interesting outlying islands and local attractions with qualified naturalist guides, or via self guided activities.


You will taste first hand the beauty and awe of Galapagos and it’s unique flora and fauna – from towering cactii and tiny Darwin finches, to diving marine iguanas and playful sea lions. From barren volcanic landscapes to lush cloud forests.


Return to the hotel at the end of an incomparable day and share your travel stories around the main dining table with other guests, whilst enjoying dinner freshly prepared in our kitchen. Or, you may choose to dine out in bustling Puerto Ayora, just 15 mins away in taxi.


But don’t feel obliged to leave. With nine en suite bedrooms with A/C, three large lounge areas, private terraces, twelve acres of native forest with walking trails, and a fully equipped yoga studio, lunch & dinner menus on request, confidence bar, laundry service and WiFi, if your aim is to ‘get away and stay away from it all’ you have plenty of space and all the essential amenities you need to do so.


Galapagos is famous for it’s volcanic landscapes and unique wildlife, but it can also be somewhere for you to rediscover your true and unique nature, somewhere you can feel yourself again.

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