Semilla Verde

“Lush, green little retreat away from the chaos”

“Lush, green little retreat away from the chaos”

The property is a beautiful large house on a large ranch high up on Santa Cruz Island. Most people are surprised to learn that most of the Galapagos island are dry and arid, so this high moist environment at the lodge is unusual…so are the giant tortoises that are free roaming the in the area. You won’t see this anywhere else. (Most people only see the giant tortoises in captivity in the Darwin Center.) There’s something incredibly relaxing about watching them eat, slowly munching on the grass.

There are not many rooms in the house which limits the potential chaos and adds to the overall peaceful environment. In addition to the main room with the dining table, lounge area and fireplaces, there’s a common area downstairs. This space was wonderful for our small group to gather and hang out in the evenings after dinner.

The rooms are spacious with big closets, bathrooms with soaking tubs, etc. The air conditioner helps to cut down on the humidity but it wasn’t too hot most of the time we were there.

Rafaela is an excellent hostess who can arrange absolutely anything. She’s also well known around town. She found an excellent deal on a last minute diving trip even though I was very specific about where I wanted to go. She also has great recommendations for beaches, sites, restaurants, etc. You don’t need a guidebook with her around!

Overall a great experience.

SDHopperTripAdvisorFrom Seattle, Washington

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