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Ecological Model for Sustainability

Semilla Verde actively embraces and promotes ecologically responsible decision making and a sustainable economic future for Galapagos. Funds raised by our business are routed back into our own conservation effort and the local economy.

We justify our own existence through a rational and responsible approach to life that aims to neutralize the detrimental effect of our own activities and redress to some extent the disequilibrium caused by others.

Semilla Verde has a negative carbon footprint. That is to say, through our reforestation and coffee plantation projects we absorb more carbon dioxide than we produce.

Through the eradication of invasive plant species and the reforestation of redundant farmland we provide a safe refuge for local flora and fauna and create a natural seed bank for further reforestation projects.

Our estate is designed in such a way as not to disturb the migration routes of the giant tortoises, and provides a near-natural habitat in which native birds, insects and plants thrive.

Our guest accommodations offer the visitor a natural alternative to a mainstream hotel in town. A stay at the Semilla Verde  is a unique experience whereby our guests actually live amongst the wildlife they have come to see. They leave with a better understanding and appreciation of the environment and first hand experience of life in the Galapagos.

Agro-eco-tourism is a new form of sustainable tourism for Galapagos. It provides the countryside community with alternative and sustainable work opportunities that detract them away from certain activities that are damaging the fragile ecosystems of Galapagos.

The Galapagos Archipelago is considered one of the last natural paradises left on this planet. It is all of our responsibility to look after it.

When you decide to visit Galapagos or buy products or services from here, we encourage you to choose only those options that are ecologically sound and that promote a sustainable future for the islands.

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